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VG vs PG – What’s the difference?

Vegetable Glycerin PG and VG, as you may know, are the main components of eliquid, aside from nicotine and flavoring. PG stands for Propylene Glycol. It is thinner and runnier than its counterpart VG. A colorless, odorless liquid, PG used in common household products such as makeup, hair products, mouthwashes, and deodorants. In eliquids, PG gives throat hit. Throat hit is a harsh throat feeling similar to the feeling of smoking a tobacco cigarette. Higher PG vape juice blends are used in with plus ohm, mouth to lung vaping to somewhat simulate the act of smoking. PG is also known as the flavor carrier for eliquids.



Vegetable Glycerin is the full name of VG. It is a thick, viscous, slightly sweet liquid. VG is also colorless and odorless. VG is also commonly used in many food and household products such as creams, frostings, and gels. For vaping, VG is responsible for vapor production. High VG eliquids give a smooth hit, with big clouds, are often used in sub ohm setups for maximum vapor production.


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