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Steam Crave Aromamizer RDTA

The Aromamizer is a thing of pure genius, it brings in a tank, and RDA build deck, and some pretty significant airflow, let alone the fact that one of the build deck options, and the one I certainly chose, is a velocity build deck! But what’s with those AFC vape bands?


Let’s start with the cons on this one, because there are so few! First con is the vape band-based air flow control, it works technically, but it just feels so cheap and generic. Then there’s the drip tip “nub” at the top that makes this thing pretty much only look good with the included drip tip. Lastly the airflow configuration, I would like to have seen more direct-to-coil airflow and no holes on the posts, like there is now, however this might be a bit egocentric of me to assume everyone else’s air flow holes line up in the same way, but I’m going to assume it was intentional and they do. That’s it, that’s all I’ve got, and that last one might be considered a personal preference thing!

For the pros, let’s start small, the drip tip that’s included is nice, the anti-spit back design is very nice, and it seems to restrict the airflow enough for me to get the slightly restrictive draw I like. Next up is the juice capacity, it says 6mL (also available in a 3mL config, but I opted for the larger capacity) but I measured it with a syringe and came out just shy of 7.5mL, methinks they measured to the top of the glass, when upside down, but you can actually fit a lot more if you truly fill it up.  Next small one is the fact that the deck is interchangeable, I love the velocity build deck, but if you don’t, you have options! They have a standard rda-styled build deck as well, and they even now have disposable coils, they’re pricey as hell, but it’s an option, and they have the option to release more build decks or prebuilt coils in the future if they want to, and I haven’t yet had a problem with the deck letting itself out of the base or otherwise unscrewing.

Now on to the big one, that velocity build deck, and dripper-like performance from a tank due to the way the juice is fed! That deck makes it so easy to build on, vertical coils are a breeze, horizontal coils are unbelievably easy, and wicking is as easy as a dripper as well, the only thing you really have to be careful of is not putting too much cotton down there so the juice can’t flow up into the deck to be absorbed. I love the tank! I wouldn’t really call it an RDTA, I think of the haze dripper tank or the big dripper when I think of RDTAs, and this definitely isn’t that, but it’s a damn nice RTA for sure! You should definitely pick one up here!

James Brady

James Brady

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