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SnowWolf 200w

Review: SnowWolf 200W With Temperature Control

Product Features:

  •         Adjustable temperature control
  •         Low voltage protection
  •         Low resistance protection
  •         High input voltage warning
  •         Output short circuit protection
  •         Reverse battery protection
  •         Overheating prevention
  •         Atomizer resistance range: 0.05 – 2.5 ohm
  •         Auto-sensing coils


Asmodus has created the wonderful SnowWolf for us to enjoy but today I am going to give you the “ins and outs” of my thoughts on this product. Let’s talk about what this mod feels like. As it first hit my hands I fell in love with the feel of this mod. It feels well built, great choice in materials and almost a luxurious or premium feel. I’m that guy that the buttons on a device can even alter my decision on a purchase but the satisfying clicks of the buttons have kept me impressed. The screen is well placed but the front and back of this device is a fingerprint magnet. I would say that is the biggest downfall on the look and feel of this product,
SnowWolfyet this will not bother most people out there as for I clean it up all shiny frequently enough not to be bothered. The magnetic back door is equipped with some solid magnets which I have had no problems with. Easy battery in and out installation as well. This device does seem to come off on the heavier side but I personally like that.

What can this thing do? It climbs to 200 watts and 100 – 350°C or 212 – 662°F in temp mode. It automatically senses the type of coil you are using to ensure you don’t misfire a coil in the incorrect mode which is a very amazing feature in itself. Battery life is quite impressive on this device but I wouldn’t say it’s the best. Easy, smooth and quick adjustments of watts or temp done by scaling by /.1/.5/1.0 as you increase your watts (50w-100w .5 100w-200w 1.0) which I have enjoyed compared to other devices. One downside I have noticed is the initial ramp up time is slow, after it is warmed up it is nice and quick.


This is an amazing device with a classy look, intuitive features and great quality. On a scale to 1-10 I believe it sits at a modest 8.5. The only real downsides are the initial ramp up, fingerprints and the weight (for those that mind weight). I thoroughly believe that the pros outweigh the cons and would recommend this to any vaper who is looking to upgrade to a dual 18650 temp controlled premium device. Vape on my friends..



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