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Kanger’s New Mods Are Coming In Cheap!

Kanger is soon to be releasing a new set of mods, all have temp control, and they’re all ridiculously cheap! Chinese manufacturers are rocking the vape world these days! On the high end we’ve got the Wismec Reuleaux and on the low end we’ve got everything else! Here comes Kanger to fill in the middle with their, typically, quality mods at amazing prices!







These mods are listed on Fasttech for pre-order right now! First up we’ve got the Kanger 200w, stable down to .05 and does temp control and 200 watts in power mode. Takes 2×18650 batteries, has on-board USB charging, and looks pretty slick, in the standard Kanger style. Pre-orders on Fasttech are going for $41.47, a cheap price considering the next best 200W mod you can find is the new Wismec Reuleaux SX-200, you know, the one that doesn’t have the DNA200 inside, which is a triple 18650 mod that does temp control on Ni, Ti, and SS and runs about $60.


Next we have the 120w, same idea as the 200W, same specs even, save for the 200W part. Also, keep in mind, all but one of these mods had no details as far as what wire types they do temp control for, ni200 or nickel is almost guaranteed, but given the Ti or titanium temp control on their newest released product, the NEBOX (review coming soon!) and the commonality of having SS or stainless steel temp control we could also see one or both of those as well. Pre-orders on Fasttech are going for $36.45.


Third up is the 70W, this one has a similar design as the previous two, however, according to Fasttech houses a fixed 4000Mah in-built battery as opposed to swappable 18650’s. This one is listed on Fasttech as doing temp control for nickel (Ni200), titanium (Ti), and NiChrome?! I don’t know by what magic they are doing NiChrome, but we’ll see. Pre-orders on Fasttech are going for $34.59.


Lastly we have the KBOX Mini at 60W with temp control! This model does retain the vague “TC” feature set as well. This one, however, has a single swappable 18650 and a stainless steel finish on the exterior which looks sexy as hell! Pre-orders on Fasttech are going for $46.14, I have no idea why this is the most expensive one, best guess is the stainless finish on the exterior, as the others seem to have a plastic, or at best, powder-coated aluminum.


These mods seem to be checking off all of my requirements these days, USB charging option (even though I don’t use it, and recommend you don’t unless it’s a fixed-battery device or you’re in a pinch), spring-loaded 510, temp control, and at least (for two of them anyways) 100 watts. So you can probably expect a review the second I start seeing them in-stock stateside!


Source: Fasttech (hit the drop-down for other models)

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