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Battery Safety

Vapers Battery Safety Guide 2016

What a year it has been already, multiple videos of people’s mods exploding. One, allegedly in a gas station. This article will make sure none of that happens to you. Just follow this simple guide and you’ll be fine. Battery safety is easy to follow and often over looked.

  1. Don’t be a dumb ass. That may sound offensive but I’m trying to get the point across. Seriously, take a look at your batteries and if you think they need to be rewrapped, chances are they do.  I firmly believe it’s 100% user awareness in terms of batteries. Do your batteries look like this?

Improper Battery Safety 18650

If they do. You’re doing it wrong. Batteries need to be protected around 100% of the surface (except for the positive and negative portions of course).

2. Research known good batteries. You may have to pay a little bit more but it’s worth it. The most popular ones on /r/ecr are the Samsung 25R and LG HG2. I use the LG HG2 for my IPV Li 3 and they last all day and the wrapping has no marks or signs of peeling.

3. Know when to replace your batteries. This mini outline from the almighty Mooch315 breaks it down for us.

  • When you start getting earlier and more frequent “low battery” alerts from your regulated mod even though you haven’t increased the power.
  • When you notice that your mechanical/unregulated mod doesn’t hit as hard, or for as long, as it used to (before needing to recharge your battery).
  • If it starts getting warmer during use or charging even though you haven’t changed power settings or your coil resistance.
  • If your charger will no longer get to 4.20V before stopping. Make sure the charger is functioning properly and try switching charger bays before replacing the battery though.
  • If you see physical damage to the metal top or can of the battery. Things like dents and deep scrapes should not be ignored! A damaged wrap and top insulator ring can be replaced without needing to replace the battery.
  • If it vents and leaks fluid, even the smallest amount. Continuing to use a battery after it has vented can lead to the battery overheating and possibly going into thermal runaway and bursting.
  • If it has rusted badly. You don’t need to worry about a few small spots but if they are pushing the wrap up or growing larger then replace the battery.
  • If it has discharged down below 2.0V for a long period of time. Accidentally discharging down below that for a short period of time is ok. But if you left a battery unused for a long period of time and it’s now dropped below 2.0V, replace it. You might be able to “recover” the battery with certain chargers but it’s probably damaged and it’s just not worth it.
  • There’s no need to replace a battery on a fixed schedule, e.g., once a year. Those who use their batteries at high power levels might have to replace them every few months, or even sooner. Low power vapers can easily get a couple years of use out of their batteries.
  • Never throw your battery in the trash! Please recycle it. Many electronics or home improvement stores and vape shops will accept your batteries for recycling. First give the battery a couple of wraps in whatever tape you have to insulate it from any metal it might touch.
  • You do not need to replace a battery if you dropped it but there’s no physical damage.


For those who don’t know who Mooch315 is, he has been the absolute savior in battery safety and usage. I highly recommend you check out his Reddit posts. He does testing on individual batteries to see if they’re accurate to what they’re advertised to be.

4. Be familiar with Ohm’s law. Here’s a video by New Amerstam Vape to get your started.

5. Find the safest batteries to use. Mooch designed this for us to use for the sake of battery safety. Let’s use it. Thanks Mooch. Keep in mind that every battery has it’s different uses. Do research on which ones is best for you.

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