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Founder of Vapedesk

Looking For Talented Writers!

Vapedesk is looking for writers. Articles tend to be 400-800 words and need to contribute something unique. If you are knowledgeable about vaping and how it can benefit our society as well as contribute reviews for the latest products you should be a good match.   How to Apply: Contact …

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Kangertech KBOX 70W TC Review

KBOX 70W Review

At first glance I did not think this mod would compete with other devices. After it was in my hands i was surprised, it’s lightweight yet a sturdy design that I liked. I screwed in my Dark Horse rda with a .45 ohm build to see how this mod handles. Good ramp up time, smooth clouds, and good vapor production.

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Vapers Battery Safety Guide 2016

Battery Safety

What a year it has been already, multiple videos of people’s mods exploding. One, allegedly in a gas station. This article will make sure none of that happens to you. Just follow this simple guide and you’ll be fine. Battery safety is easy to follow and often over looked. Don’t …

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Bombies Is Taking The Ejuice Business By The Balls

Image By Bombies.com

Bombies has been a long time favorite for many people including myself. They’re approachable and transparent and their ejuice is crazy good. I can’t help but mix up the nana cream clone, only when money is tight. The original is still the best. Bombies isn’t only an ejuice company; about …

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DNA 200 Themes


DNA 200 is a Chipset for mods and devices released by Evolv. It’s a temperature control chip capable of 200 Watts. Will you ever need 200 watts? Probably not but it’s good to have in case something crazy comes out in the future. DNA 200 is also customizable. You are …

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VaporShark Customers Find Fraudulent Charges On Their Credit Cards

Credit Card

Within the last year, many users have taken to Reddit to express their dissatisfaction involving VaporShark. VaporShark is an online and B&M vape vendor based in Miami Florida. Many users have noticed unknown charges on their credit cards after purchasing products from VaporShark resulting in getting a call from the …

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VapeWild Ejuice Test Results Explained


VapeWild released test results on five of their ejuice products. So why is this a good thing? A chemical called diacetyl, which may lead to popcorn lung, is a common topic when talking about ejuice. In fact, if you’re ejuice vendor, you better know if your ejuice has diacetyl in it …

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